Why is Automation Essential in
Autonomous Driving?

Linear growth of manual labeling costs
Linear relationship between manual labeling costs and data volume

Autonomous driving companies have to tackle increasingly larger volumes of data to validate their products. The manual effort to label it at quality is the largest budget and time consumer of any annotation project, by far.

There is a linear relationship between manual costs and data volume - the more data you label, the more manual labeling costs increase. In large-scale autonomous driving function validation, you’ll come quickly to a project size from which annotation becomes impossible.

Breaking the Linearity with Fully
Automated Labeling

Linear growth of manual labeling costs
Breaking the linearity between manual labeling costs and data volume

This is where the UAI Automation Engine comes in. We’ve figured out how to decouple manual annotation costs from data volume using AI-powered annotation automation. We are not only making annotation faster and more cost efficient, we are making it fast and affordable enough to run a project of ANY size.

No matter how many kilometers you drive or how many hours you record.

Why the industry chooses us

We are proud to work with the most innovative and technologically advanced mobility companies and suppliers. Let us introduce our team of experts to your next project.

Dr. Florian Faion Research Scientist LiDAR Perception

Highly accurate annotation is an indispensable prerequisite for supervised machine learning. We rely on the labeling service and tools from understand.ai.

EnBW Barriersystems
Lars Ehlkes Machine Learning Engineer

EnBW Barriersystems appreciates the high quality of image annotations by understand.ai - the personal communication, fast response and fit of individual user needs combined with fair pricing is just outstanding!

Indrajit Sen Vice President and Regional Head, DACH

There’s a lot of automation inside. The architecture of the UAI tooling takes full advantage of AI. The way it’s structured makes it scalable, able to support large teams of labelers and parallel annotation. It’s boosting our throughput capabilities and making our customers happy.

Eindhoven University of Technology
Prof. Veronika Cheplygina Eindhoven University of Technology

understand.ai responded very quickly and were able to provide high-quality annotations within the same day, for an appropriate price. I would definitely recommend understand.ai to researchers in a similar position.

Darryl Keaton II Founder and President

Data annotation can be difficult and expensive without a dependable partner, who’s easy to onboard with your needs. The willingness of understand.ai to take customer feedback and apply it quickly to the business and the flexibility of their tools for cost and throughput growth helped us to get us where we wanted.

Dr. Peter Schlicht Project Manager AI-Technologies for automated driving

understand.ai is not only software, you also get a dedicated team that is knowledgeable and confident to exchange competencies and creative solution-oriented approaches, which definitely enriched our work

Getting the Ground Truth
Quality Right

AD / ADAS projects have high data quality standards, often above 98%. Deploying automation in the annotation process frees up resources for rigorous and more focused quality checks and enables retraining - more data means better trained algorithms. Thanks to high levels of automation we can deliver more ground truth annotations in shorter time.

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From Data Selection to Driving Scenario Simulation

UAI Automation Engine integrates seamlessly into the dSPACE data-driven development pipeline to handle the entire simulation and validation cycle for autonomous driving. Whatever your data logging, anonymization, data selection or scenario generation challenges are, we have a market leading solution to take care of it.

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Let's talk about data annotation
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