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By combining customized machine learning methods and human intelligence, we annotate your data.

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Bounding Box Annotation

Modified Image Bounding Box
Original Image Original

Pixelwise Semantic Segmentation

Modified Image Segmentation
Modified Image Original
Annotated Autobahn

Use case: Autonomous driving

With the help of understand.ai, an autonomous driving company can label the videos and images which were recorded while driving. This ground truth is the base for training a pedestrian or lane detection algorithm.

Brain scan

Use case: Medicine

In computer assisted surgery it's important to detect the surgery tools in the images. With understand.ai it is easy to get hundreds of thousands of labeled images in which the tool is clearly marked.

Use case: Satellite Imagery

Detecting features in satellite imagery is important to keep track of changes in the world, but can be also used to spot or count small instances like parking lots.

Use case: Drones

Analysing drone images has a wide variety of use cases, including precision farming in agriculture and obstacle detection.

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