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For two years in a row, has been awarded with the Top Company award! At, we foster an environment of talent and innovation. As part of the dSPACE Group, we prioritize your personal growth by providing you with a wide range of internal and external learning possibilities.Join our exceptional team of passionate professionals and discover new opportunities together!

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At, we are one team, share challenges and search for solutions together. We are open-minded and welcome everyone. We bond in person and remotely and take care of each other.


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At, we aim to be best-in-class. We make people strong, change to get better, celebrate our successes while always giving room to learn.


We act with trust and respect.

At, honesty, reliability, mutual trust and respect are the foundation of all our interactions. We value diverse perspectives and embrace that everyone is different. We live an active support culture and provide open and constructive feedback while taking risks and learning from mistakes.

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      The operations team covers a multitude of areas, including Procurement, Travel, Accounting, Office management, Compliance, and IT management. Our team enjoys the challenge of handling new and different tasks every day, thriving on agility and teamwork. As the primary point of contact for both external and internal inquiries, we pride ourselves on promptly providing the answers needed.

      Furthermore, compliance with laws, regulations, and international standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, constitutes another paramount and crucial area of our activities.

      Last but by no means least our IT team ensures the smooth, safe and secure running of IT operations.


      Our HR team focuses on fostering a positive work environment and improving employee satisfaction. We do this by implementing people-centric initiatives, like our huddle weeks, that support employee engagement, retention, and growth. We contribute significantly to the company’s success by building a motivated and diverse workforce.

      Overall, we play a crucial role in attracting top talent, ensuring a smooth onboarding process, and nurturing a culture that values & invests in its people.

      Project Management Office (PMO)
      Project Management Office (PMO)

      The Project Management Office team handles projects to provide high-quality annotations to our diverse range of customers with varying requirements. We specialize in successfully delivering complex projects tailored to specific customer needs and use cases, which often involve intricate technical solutions to ensure top-notch annotations. Our team collaborates closely with customers, understanding their unique needs, and adapts products and services accordingly, overseeing the overall project management.

      Our areas of expertise include technical expertise in ADAS/ AD annotation, domain knowledge in ADAS/ AD and AI/ ML, effective customer communications, and adept program and project management.

      Technical Project Management
      Technical Project Management

      The Technical Project Management team excels in efficiently managing complex AD/ADAS annotation projects with a strong focus on quality and technical expertise. They tailor approaches to unique use cases, optimize resources, and collaborate closely with engineering, PMO, labeling, and clients. Key competencies of our team include robust technical expertise, project lifecycle management, cross-functional collaboration, resource optimization and quality assurance. By integrating their skills and utilizing specially designed loops, they translate customers' ambitious annotation goals into tangible real-world results.


      The Product team ensures our products address crucial customer problems, with a focus on high-quality, scalable data labeling through our ground truth platform. We collaborate closely with labeling partners, end-customers, project teams, sales, and stakeholders to continuously enhance our products.

      As part of the development team, we enable innovative solutions using the latest tech stack to meet customer needs and play a vital role in shaping our product strategy, defining OKRs, and more.


      The Marketing Team leverages tailored communication channels such as newsletter and social media as well as events and tradeshows to strategically build the brand positioning of and extend the reach of our company. Through targeted campaigns that seamlessly integrate branding, messaging, and design, we enhance visibility and ensure effective engagement across all channels.

      We play a pivotal role in supporting the overall business strategy while upholding excellence in brand representation and development.


      The sales team are more than traditional B2B salespeople. We act as customer consultants, collaborating closely to find optimal solutions. In addition to commercial and compliance knowledge, our team must deeply understand our solution and customer challenges for the autonomous future. Our role begins with initial customer engagement and spans the entire sales cycle, including grasping customer pain points, collaborating with project teams for technical proposals, and ensuring formalized deliveries and ongoing engagement.

      Our efforts are in tandem with dSPACE colleagues across territories, working collectively to offer end-to-end autonomous driving solutions.


      The Engineering team is uniting the power of AI and Machine learning with 2D & 3D vision science, alongside cutting-edge web technologies to constantly drive the development of top-tier autonomous features forward. We are developing and operating (DevOPS) the infrastructure, the platform and the applications forming our ground truth annotation platform. We strive for having well-aligned and autonomous development teams to enable innovative thinking and efficient development.

      We are a diverse team of brilliant minds, working collaboratively within an inspiring environment and an open feedback culture. Together, we are constantly pushing the frontiers of science and technology.