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We steer the future of automotive. Through our expertise and annotation platform, we are perfectly equipped to support various automotive annotation types.

We drive innovation in the automotive industry

Transforming the automotive industry with our expertise and cutting-edge automation, our ground truth annotation platform drives the development of autonomous vehicles. Through our advanced ground truth labeling technology, we deliver high-quality, scalable automotive annotations. Discover how we shape the future of mobility.

Ground Truth use cases within automotive

From autonomous driving to vehicle safety, understand.ai tackles all relevant ground truth use cases within the automotive industry.

2D Driver Monitoring System

Autonomous Driving

Ground truth annotations are the key for the validation of AI models for autonomous vehicles by labeling data for perception, decision-making, and control systems, ensuring accurate responses to real-world environments.

2D Driver Monitoring System

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Improving vehicle safety and comfort, ground truth annotations signifanctly enhance ADAS features like adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance by interpreting road conditions accurately.

2D Driver Monitoring System

Vehicle Safetey Systems

Ground Truth annotations enable the refinement of collision avoidance and blind-spot monitoring technologies, enhancing real-time threat detection and vehicle safety on the road.

2D Driver Monitoring System

Vehicle Testing and Validation

Ensuring reliability and consistency, ground truth annotations allow the simulation of diverse driving conditions to validate vehicle performance and safety standards before market launch.

    Reference Case: ADAS validation

    Explore this following reference case to gain deeper insight of our successful collaboration with one of our customers.

    In this reference case, we successfully delivered ground truth annotations for a training and validation project at high-quality and high-volume.

    The Challenge

    • Training the perception AI to validate its correct functioning while meeting strict budget and volume requirements and applying a tailored 3D sensor fusion set-up.

    Key Facts

    • Fully managed annotation service - 3D object annotations
    • Over 1 million annotations
    • Delivery within 1 month

    Key Achievements

    • Achieved quality level of 99%
    • Throughput of 1.2 million tailored annotations within the required time period
    • Overall acceleration of customers' project while meeting the required quality levels and handling high data volumes