We fuel success through strong partnerships

Over the years, we have established successful labeling partnerships based on mutual values and understanding. We prioritize an extensive selection and training process to ensure our labeling partners are the optimal fit and aligned with our conduct guidelines and goal of delivering outstanding results.

  • 8 dedicated labeling partners
  • located in 4 countries across 3 continents
  • capacity of more than 5.000 FTEs
  • dedicated teams for specific projects
  • clearly defined quality standards
  • rigorous supplier selection process
  • all partners ISO2007 certified
Office Partners

Thorough and refined selection process

We invest a substantial amount of effort in the selection process of our labeling partners, which involves a hands-on approach, quality checks and onsite evaluations. Through a comprehensive questionnaire, meticulous assessment of labeling skills, and a pilot project, we ensure successful collaboration with our partners to deliver exceptional and reliable annotation results that drive your success.


Short List

Supplier Questionnaire

Financial Stability
Project experience
COC compliance



Labeling Test

3D/2D annotation



Framework agreement

Terms and condition
Statements of work
Pricing models


Trusted Supplier

Pilot Project

On-site auditing
Delivery capability
Quality at scale
Working relationship

    Training for excellence in every area

    Our labeling partners receive thorough training and specialize in distinct use cases and annotation types, ensuring we consistently provide exceptional results that precisely match your requirements.

    Annotation Type Partner A B C D E F G New Partner
    2D Bounding Box × × × × × × × |
    2D Bounding Box
    with Vertical Line
    × × × |
    2D Keypoint × × × × Completing
    2D Polygon × × × × × training
    2D Polyline × × × × × × program
    3D BB × × × × × × × |
    Segmentation × × |
    Sensor Fusion
    × × × × × × × |

    We collaborate with a wide range of dedicated and qualified labeling partners, carefully selected, and trained to ensure we can attend to all project requirements.

    We are certified

    We are firmly committed to cultivating and adhering to clear ethical standards. Our certification serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence within our processes and practices.

    EN ISO 9001

    EN ISO 9001 Labelling, annotation and anonymization of objects for 2D/3D images for autonomous transportation development and validation.