UAI Anonymizer – AI-powered Anonymization Tool

High-throughput image anonymization tool for autonomous driving. Anonymizes 99%+ of all identifiable faces and license plates. GDPR, AAPI, CSL, CCPA compliant by design.

Anonymization Algorithms for Large Data
Volumes in Autonomous Driving

Anonymization of faces and license plates has become a global requirement. With regulations from the European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Chinese CSL and Japanese APPI, autonomous vehicles need to be able to collect street scene data globally with all the critical personal information automatically removed. UAI Anonymizer, our AI-powered anonymization tool, ensures your data is compliant by blurring faces and number plates in a fully automated fashion.

High-volume Image Anonymization Upgrade UAI Anonymizer 2022 Release

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  • Highest Accuracy

    Face Mask Detection

    The underlying deep learning model was trained with images of people in masks to reflect the reality of a Covid-19 world. It has an almost 100% identification rate for faces with and without face masks.

  • Neural Networks

    Based on Neural Networks

    Trained on millions of images of faces and license plates world-wide, including edge cases like truncation and occlusion.

  • High Throughput

    High Throughput, High Speed Anonymization

    The upgraded AI-powered technology of the 2022 version was designed to handle the exponential growth of recorded data volumes in autonomous driving. Its anonymization rate is 4x as high as that of its predecessor.

  • Flexible deployment

    Versatility and Flexible Cloud Options

    The new cloud-based UAI Anonymizer is much more versatile in terms of camera perspectives, lens geometry, and resolution. With this new version, expands its cloud offer to all three major cloud services providers - Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.