UAI Anonymizer

Anonymizes +99% of all identifiable faces and license plates. GDPR, APPI, CSL, CCPA compliant by design.

State-of-the-art Algorithms
& Tools

Anonymization of faces and license plates has become a global requirement. With regulations from the European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Chinese CSL and Japanese APPI, autonomous vehicles need to be able to collect street scene data globally with all the critical personal information automatically removed.

UAI Anonymizer, our AI-powered anonymization tool, ensures your data is compliant by blurring faces and number plates in a fully automated fashion.

  • Highest Accuracy

    Highest Accuracy

    Anonymizes faces and license plates with an accuracy of +99%.

  • Neural Networks

    Based on Neural Networks

    Trained on millions of images of faces and license plates world-wide, including edge cases like truncation and occlusion.

  • High Throughput

    High Throughput

    Algorithm optimized down to the hardware level to save precious GPU time. Anonymization of up to 30 frames per second.

  • Flexible deployment

    Flexible deployment options

    Use UAI Anonymizer on premise or as a service via the cloud platform.