Understand.ai Professional Services

Service Excellence to Complement a World-Class Automation Engine

  • High Quality

    Annotation Services

    Are you looking for high quality training and validation data without the hassle of doing the annotation by yourself? We will team up with a reliable and socially responsible labelling partner to deliver you the right data at the right quality and the right quantity.

  • We deliver!

    Project Delivery

    Starting with project setup and finding the right and consistent labeling specifications, through sourcing a labeling partner, all the way to an overall project ownership and quality assurance - we have your project covered.

  • In-House Team

    Quality Assurance

    Our dedicated in-house Quality Assurance Team checks the quality of the labeled data, according to a Service Level Agreement set up prior to the project start.

  • Extra Support

    Premium Support

    We will be delighted to give you extra support with anything from labeling specifications, custom import/ export integration, extensive training programs to sensor calibration improvements.

  • Fits your Needs

    Custom Functionality

    Head boxes, camera corrected cuboids, L-shaped boxes, road annotation, splines... whatever your project requirement, we can customize our tools to fit your needs.

  • Project Experience


    We’ve accompanied our customers from very early stages up to roll-outs of large-scale sensor validation projects. Make use of our extensive project experience for workflow and specifications optimization.

Why the industry chooses us

We are proud to work with the most innovative and technologically advanced mobility companies and suppliers. Let us introduce our team of experts to your next project.

Dr. Florian Faion Research Scientist LiDAR Perception

Highly accurate annotation is an indispensable prerequisite for supervised machine learning. We rely on the labeling service and tools from understand.ai.

EnBW Barriersystems
Lars Ehlkes Machine Learning Engineer

EnBW Barriersystems appreciates the high quality of image annotations by understand.ai - the personal communication, fast response and fit of individual user needs combined with fair pricing is just outstanding!

Indrajit Sen Vice President and Regional Head, DACH

There’s a lot of automation inside. The architecture of the UAI tooling takes full advantage of AI. The way it’s structured makes it scalable, able to support large teams of labelers and parallel annotation. It’s boosting our throughput capabilities and making our customers happy.

Eindhoven University of Technology
Prof. Veronika Cheplygina Eindhoven University of Technology

understand.ai responded very quickly and were able to provide high-quality annotations within the same day, for an appropriate price. I would definitely recommend understand.ai to researchers in a similar position.

Darryl Keaton II Founder and President

Data annotation can be difficult and expensive without a dependable partner, who’s easy to onboard with your needs. The willingness of understand.ai to take customer feedback and apply it quickly to the business and the flexibility of their tools for cost and throughput growth helped us to get us where we wanted.

Dr. Peter Schlicht Project Manager AI-Technologies for automated driving

understand.ai is not only software, you also get a dedicated team that is knowledgeable and confident to exchange competencies and creative solution-oriented approaches, which definitely enriched our work

How Can We Make a Difference

  • We Move Fast We Move Fast

    We know the challenges you are facing in one the most dynamic markets. We act fast and use the latest deep learning technology to get you ahead of the curve.

  • Automotive Expertise Automotive Expertise

    5 years of worldwide AD/ ADAS project experience, 70+ associates with AI, automotive & cloud background all at your disposal.

  • Quality is our DNA Quality is our DNA

    Our products, services, processes and procedures are designed from ground up to achieve the highest quality.

  • Planning Flexibility Planning Flexibility

    We give you the flexibility to develop technology in lockstep with the dynamic situation on the AV market, whether you need to speed up or slow down your labeling activities.

  • Customer Success Customer Success

    Customer care and responsiveness is paramount to us. We listen to you and act without delay to meet your needs.

  • Global Footprint Global Footprint

    To support you better wherever your business is, in July 2019 we’ve joined the dSPACE family. With united forces, we earn your trust every single day, with local offices world-wide.