Data Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

Data labeling with the highest automation rate in autonomous driving

Automation Engine for Data Annotation

Getting assisted & autonomous driving technology on the road takes a lot of objects and attributes to be labeled. Even with the best tools and the best labelers, there is only so much you can do before the costs go through the roof. Zero-Touch Annotation™ is our trademark technology at the heart of our Automation Engine using deep neural networks for object & attribute detection to automate labeling, cutting costs for manual annotation and quality assurance dramatically.

UAI Annotator - annotation tool

UAI Annotator - Data Annotation Tool

UAI Annotator is our annotation tooling for camera, LiDAR and sensor fusion data. Superpowered by the Automation Engine for data annotation, UAI Annotator delivers unprecedented automation rates accelerating the training & testing of AI based systems like assisted and autonomous driving.

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Point cloud 3D bounding box labeling

Image & Point Cloud Annotation Types

We cover all common 2D and 3D perception data annotation types used in autonomous driving - 2D bounding boxes, 3D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, polylines, polygons or keypoints. Do you have a specific request? Head boxes, camera corrected cuboids, traffic signs, road annotation... whatever your project requirement, we can customize our tool to fit your needs.

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Annotation Use Cases We Cover

We are the autonomous driving experts for data annotation. Whatever the use case of your automated driving function whether you’re training or validating your autonomous driving stack, we are here to assist.

  • Traffic Lights
  • Maneuver
  • Street Markings
  • Traffic Signs
  • Scene Classification
  • Park Assist
  • Object Detection
  • Drivable Space &
    Parking Space
  • Driver &
    Cabin Monitoring
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Lanes
  • and more…
UAI large scale validation projects

Pricing Model for Large Volume
Validation Projects

To solve the volume data problem of large validation projects we had to address the pricing model. With our new data point & throughput centric automation we give our customers the flexibility and prices to make projects of any size feasible. Customers subscribe for automated data points and throughput. No unlimited manual labeling cost growth anymore.

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UAI full service data labeling

End-to-end Data Labeling

Are you looking for high quality training and validation data without the hassle of project management and organizing the labeling service for quality assurance by yourself? From project setup, labeling specifications refinement, through to sourcing a labeling partner - we have your project covered.

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