Social Responsibility

„We at UnderstandAI (UAI) look after our labeling partners carefully. It is vital for us that our partners ensure reasonable wages as well as a reasonable working environment to guarantee sustainability“

Daniel Rödler, Director of Product at UAI

Despite the fact that at UnderstandAI the majority of the labeling work is already done automatically, there is still a relevant portion of manual labor required. To cover this portion of work we partner with companies around the globe - with a special focus on sustainability.

When choosing a labeling partner, no matter where they are in the world, we assess them thoroughly. This includes traveling to the labeling partners’ location to see how people are treated and under which conditions they work. Only if our strict requirements are met, will we accept a new labeling partner.

We particularly focus on the following points:

  • We attach great importance to the fact that the wages paid to employees are in accordance with applicable national laws on wages and salaries. This includes all laws with regard to minimum wage, overtime, and statutory welfare benefits.
  • We disapprove of and reject child labor as well as any kind of discrimination.
  • We expect our partners to grant employees the right to form and join associations and to safeguard their interests in line with the relevant national legislation.
  • We disapprove of and reject forced labor, slave labor, or any other kind of exploitative labor practices. Employees must be able to freely choose when to end their work contract or employment relationship.
  • Our partners are required to not tolerate any harassment or discrimination within their workforce. The selection and employment practices of our partners must not discriminate against employees on the basis of race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, disability, pregnancy, religious or political belief, trade union membership, or family status.
  • It is essential that our partners provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.