Why the industry chooses us

We are proud to work with the most innovative and technologically advanced mobility companies and suppliers. Let us introduce our team of experts to your next project.

  • Dr. Peter Schlicht Project Manager AI-Technologies for automated driving

    „understand.ai is not only software, you also get a dedicated team that is knowledgeable and confident to exchange competencies and creative solution-oriented approaches, which definitely enriched our work.“

  • Lars Ehlkes Machine Learning Engineer

    „EnBW Barriersystems appreciates the high quality of image annotations by understand.ai - the personal communication, fast response and fit of individual user needs combined with fair pricing is just outstanding!“

  • Dr. Florian Faion Research Scientist LiDAR Perception

    „Highly accurate annotation is an indispensable prerequisite for supervised machine learning. We rely on the labeling service and tools from understand.ai.“

  • Case Study – Bosch

    Put a Label on It Generating highly accurate reference data for training neural networks

    Would you like to generate highly accurate data to train a neural network? Let Bosch show you, how they did it using annotated sensor data from understand.ai.

  • Prof. Veronika Cheplygina Eindhoven University of Technology

    „understand.ai responded very quickly and were able to provide high-quality annotations within the same day, for an appropriate price. I would definitely recommend understand.ai to researchers in a similar position.“

  • Darryl Keaton II Founder and President

    „Data annotation can be difficult and expensive without a dependable partner, who’s easy to onboard with your needs. The willingness of understand.ai to take customer feedback and apply it quickly to the business and the flexibility of their tools for cost and throughput growth helped us to get us where we wanted.“